Solution One Partners, the “Next Generation Loyalty and Reward Company”, has announced a strategic partnership with Perkville, the leader in the development and management of reward programs in the health and wellness industry. Under the terms of the partnership, the two companies have integrated their platforms and work together to offer a seamless reward experience for members of health clubs and spas.

Solution One Partners’ industry-leading platform provides a comprehensive collection of premium incentives and rewards, including a branded merchandise solution, local dining and attractions, nationwide concerts and sporting events, prepaid gift cards, brand-name merchandise, travel rewards, and other benefits.

About Perkville

Perkville is the leading customer reward platform in the health and fitness industry, serving 2,300 locations worldwide. Perkville’s reward programs are custom-tailored to each club to drive retention, referrals, and in-store purchases. The platform integrates with most membership systems and white labeled apps to provide a seamless experience for health club members. For more information, visit